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Friday, May 27, 2005

`.:Cinderella:.` @ 9:21 PM

hello everyone! how u guys? is been a long long time tht i blog again! sch jus started for mi! finally yr 2! very fast huh! but this also know tht i'm older le! going to be 20 soon.... so fast! i will enjoy as much now, after 21 i'm an adult le! haha!
you guys know wat! i thank GOD for His favour man! is like i went for basic thoery test. the test start at 10.15 and i woke up at 10.15.. then when i reach there, i forgot to bring passport and ic, hence in the end.. they dun allow mi to sit for the paper cause i'm late and no passport and ic, but GOD help mi man! the guy then say nvm u got another card tht carries ur pic can le.. wow! then i went and sat for mine paper! and.... i PASS!! PTL!! now finally can go for mine advance and can't wait to drive man! haha! is going to be fun! haha! imagine i get mine licence le, then i can ask people out at night for supper and can dun need to stay at toa payoh can go somewhere else le! haha!
okie lets talk back about sch... this sem, mine timetable supper pack.... almost ever day end sch at 5pm... start at 8am.. can u imagine! hai like working hour lo.. hai! okie talk to u guys again! hope ever thing is fine! =)

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

hi everyone!! very long nv blog le! how' life for everyone? as for me! life is great! i think is great for all the youth cause is new year time! this is when we start to have longs and longs of red packet! haha! then we can eat lots and lots of goodies that are made by people! cool huh! heehee!
oh ya last time i talk about my sister coming back right! ! ya now she is bad! then i got no peace! haha! no la! cause she always like to disturb me, even when i sleep! she come disturb me until i wake up, but the best of all is tht she bought lots and lots of things for mi! heehee!
today is the second day of chinese new year, but this year red packet all very small, but nvm la, is the heart tht counts huh! haha! i think there will be greater blessing later! haha!
oh ya want to know how i spend my reunion dinner?? haha!! everyone came home waiting for my mom to come home! everyone wait and wait, wait until sleep, then my sis came back, disturb me and soon she also sleep! then my dad also sleep, then my uncle also sleep.... soon my mom came back she also sleep!! haha!! then we had our reunion sleep! haha!! cool huh!! haha okie la! i gtg le! tell u guys more next time! going to visit my relative le! bye bye!

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

hi everyone!!
wow is been along time tht i update my blog... thanks to the people who keep asking mi to update my blog or else i wun be writing it now also.. hahA!! very lazy le! haha!! no la is jus tht i dun have things to say ma! haha!! so how is everyone?? now is already the 9th day of the brginning of the year, how is evryone? have all of u set GOALS?? haha!! i have but onli half way througth! heehee!
hey dun jus i write the blog la.. y not u guys also help mi.. haha i mean in the chat box!! heehee!!
okie now lets talk abt my day...
today is sunday.....
i went to church.. <>
i felt HIS presence...
i love HIS house...
after service i went to 2nd best...
then it rain.......
we were all stuck there...
thank God for the brothers... they went back to church and take umbrella for us.
then when back to church and fellowship....
but of cos got tease by people.... heehee
it was a great day..
i got home for dinner... this is one month ever since i eat my mom's cook food...
wow then i ate alot...
about one full bowl...
thanks God for my mom! she is a great cook... dun believe come and try... haha

`.:Cinderella:.` @ 11:58 PM

Thursday, December 30, 2004

hi everyone! very long never blog le! how is everything?? wow! we have come to the end of 2004! very fast huh! one yr have past! today is the last day of 2004! i would like to thanks all those who had help mi and encourage mi for the yr! they are great! hope the begin of a new yr, everyone will grow and rise up! dun stay at where u are! continue to shine for the LORD ya! i think i learnt alot this yr! and i really put my trust on HIM! thanks GOD he is so wonderful!! happy new yr to everyone! thanks for reAding my blog! smile always!

`.:Cinderella:.` @ 12:00 PM

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

today had my basic theory test! at 1st i was very nervous cause i need to pass my test cause i can't wait to move on.
when i reach ssdc, i almost late.. heehee! then i went up to the classroom then there was guy there saying he need to inspect the receipt and things like tht! then he make mi go all the way down and he told mi counter 1, so i went down and went to counter 1, then i blur blur stand there, then i saw the lady who gave mi the briefing last time, then i ask her, "erm, the person upstairs ask mi to come down, and dunno print the updated receipt".. then she say, oh is at information counter... i was like arg......... silly man! haha

then after printing the receipt i went up and go for the test.. then u know wat when i went to the class...... i realise i'm the youngest there!! then is like , when the person in charge ask us to fill up the particulars everything.. everyone took a long time man!! i finish it like less then 5 min then the rest was like haiyo 10 min, then i sat there and wait and eat sweets! and wait and wait and wait

by the time everyone is ready for the test it was already 645pm..... and the test suppose to start at 630pm... then i do and do and do... it was 50 mcq question .. then at 7pm i leave the room!! then everyone there was like so stress! heehee!! then i think it was okie ba.. before i went to take the test.. linnet told mi saying jia you.. she say half of the class will fail the test! that's y i'm so nervous! hai!!

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Friday, December 10, 2004

hi everyone!! very long never update this already! how is everyone?? i jus got back from zone camp yesterday! wow! the camp is so so fantastic man! thank GOD i never miss it! the presence of GOD is so strong i miss HIS presence man! i even can feel GOD is like hugging mi!! 1st day of campn GOD presence is very strong already then imagine the third day! wow!! we move from glory to glory man!
in this camp i was in jacob group! heehee and gary is my team leader! i miss the group man!! fun working together with them man! heehee

this camp we learn alot of things and the games we played is fun also! imagine u sleep at 2am woke up at 3am by loud siren then banging on doors! haha!! i was shock!! i expected it already but i was still shock! heehee! but it is really fun lo! after u wake up u must faster run out the chalet! then when u go out! cold water bombs are waiting for u! haha!! then is like so cold man! i was shivering when i was running! and i was a "SPY" heehee! and i even kanna egg on my hair man! ! eee right!! haha!! free styling lotion huh! haha!!

after this camp i lose my voice! heehee!! but nvm i enjoy myself! heehee!!

thanks to all the leaders that make all this happen!! hope to see everyone in camp fission 2o05 man!! must join mi!! is fun!!

`.:Cinderella:.` @ 8:28 PM

Friday, November 19, 2004

hi everyone! very long never write my blog le!! jus got back from SALT camp.... wow is this camp i learn alot things man!! haha!! the camp start on monday and end last evening! is a four day camp... 1st day, when we reach OBS camp 1, we were put in a room and after that we had our 1st lecture! wow! i was so tired that day, cause the day before went to malaysia and had supper with my family, then slept very little... then in the lecture i kept falling asleep, trued my very best to stay awake! haha!! then after the 1st lecture, we went on to play a game which involve nagvigation.. wow!! then i went to the forest la, (of cos right.... is navigation) haha!! then while we were looking for out destination, guess wat i see........................ yes!! (wild boars) haha!! saw the whole family man!! haha! so funny!! heeheee, after the nagvigation, we had another lecture... haha

then day 2, we had another 2 lecture again... but is better this time man! haha!! cause got one lecture is very intersting and he keep saying peanuts! haha!! then after all the lecture! we got to prepare for the next day as we going to panti!! haha!! tht night we also got the ration, food for all the people for PAnti!

then the 3rd day!! we woke up like 6am. then wash up, and clean up the room! and ready to go to PAnti! haha!! we reach the trail head at aroung 1130 then we started trackinG!! then u know wat!! i saw leeches!! haha!! then i was so scare man!! then everyone was like checking their legs and everything! then i saw one on my shoes!! haha!! then i dun dare to take it off man!! haha!! at aroung 5 we reach them summit!! before the summit we had to climb a cliff! then i'm afarid of height!! but i make it!! haha!! so happy man!! then when we reach the summit, the view was so so nice man and is also very cooling man!! then we even did our haha!! there!! haha!!

then the 4th day!! we woke up at 530 man!! power le!! haha! power le! hahA! then we reach town like so fast man!! haha!! is so fun!! is a sense of satisfication man!! haha!! okie la, tell u guys more again!! busy now!! haha!!

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